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bohemian rhapsody → the zacharias/daphne fic exchange

The Zacharias and Daphne Fic Exchange
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The Zacharias & Daphne Fic Exchange 2007

rules and regulations;


→ Only one fic per exchange.
→ If you request a fic you must be able to fulfil a request yourself.
→ Be brief in your description; something like a general theme and plot outline will suffice.
→ The rating you request for a fic must be legal, that is to say if you’re thirteen or under you may not request or write fic that is NC-17.

writing and submission;

→ Each fic must be a minimum of 1500 words.
→ Invest in a good beta reader – we will check to see if you have used one.
→ Understandably we all have real lives that take greater precedence over fandom life, however please do not drop out because you cannot be bothered to complete the request.
→ Fic entries must be sent in either MS Word or Notepad format to the community address zdficexchange@gmail.com.
→ If you’re familiar with HTML codings please do them before sending in your submission as it will save time for the mods and will shorten any delay to how quickly we can post your fic.
→ Make sure the community address is added to your safe list as it allows us to keep in touch with you about deadlines, fic submissions and general reminders.
→ If for some reason you find yourself unable to complete the request CONTACT US. do not under any circumstance leave it to the last minute to tell us.


→ Take the time to leave a comment for the author who completes your request.

→ Anyone may review but be respectful in your comments.

→ Constructive criticism is acceptable so long as it does just that – be constructive and not crippling to the writer’s ego.

→ Do not flame. At all!


→ All submitted fics are eligible for nomination.

→ Do not nominate yourself.

→ Votes and nominations must be kept anonymous so don’t talk about it in your journal, community or anything else.

dates and deadlines;

→ Sign Ups & Prompt Picking: 12th August – 22nd August 2007

→ Fics Due: November 22nd November 2007

→ Posting Begins: 23rd November 2007

→ Awards: December 2007

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